“SUMIDAGAWA” -Sound of prayer cradled in sorrow-

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Date Saturday, February 23, 2019
Noh play at 13:00
Venue Kita Noh Theatre
4-6-9 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 (Google MAP)
Performance Noh“SUMIDAGAWA” Takehito Tomoeda

The Timeless Tragedy
Noh play “Sumidagawa”

One of the masterpieces of Noh play, “Sumidagawa”, was created by Motomasa, the eldest son of Zeami, who is said to be the Father of Noh play. The story was adapted into an opera entitled “Curlew River” by the British composer, Edward Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten, and widely performed in various countries. This time, we focus on its dramatic maturity as well as Nenbutsu/Buddhist mantra which cradles sorrow. A hands-on program featuring Nenbutsu/Buddhist mantra is offered. It aims to help foreign audiences to feel and understand the true significance of Japanese culture.

Ticket Adult : First floor 3000yen Second Floor 2500yen
Student : First floor 1500yen Second Floor 1200yen   

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